Is Tim Tebow’s Girlfriend Camilla Belle?

Well, has Tim Tebow finally found a girlfriend or have we finally found Tim Tebow’s girlfriend in Camilla Belle?

Tim Tebow and girlfriend Camilla Belle

You know, this debate has been going on for years. At some point it had to happen, Tim Tebow would finally be dating someone and it would become public. It’s just amazingly interesting there is so much talk and so many people caring about the subject. We guess if there weren’t, we wouldn’t be here now would we?

A concept we’ve always wondered about is why important people like athletes and celebs date other important people all or the majority of the time. Is it because they are exposed to so many other famous people? Is it because they love the extra attention they receive by being with another famous person and the throng, we said throng – not thong, of media that follows these people?

One can only wonder the thought process behind it for both people. We guess it differs by the person. But surely there is a common thread there somewhere. Is Tim Tebow finally trying to put to rest the girlfriend rumors and figures it won’t matter so much once we get past the first one? Is Camilla Belle trying to further her career and notoriety by dating Tim Tebow? Nobody knows the answers to those questions but Tim Tebow and Camilla Belle themselves. Ultimately, they may not even know each other’s reasoning, yet. But isn’t it fun to speculate and talk about it?

Tim Tebow Traded To The NY Jets Means A New Girlfriend… But Who?

The Denver Broncos have traded quarterback Tim Tebow to the New York Jets and that certainly can only fuel speculation of a new girlfriend for Tebow.

As we start to try to figure out just who it may be, why not start with someone who has actually done “The Tebow”? That’s right, it was widely reported that Maria Menounos and Tim Tebow were Tebowing at Super Bowl XLVI a few months ago. Yes, ‘Extra’s’ Maria Menounos Tebowing with Tebow!

Having lost a bet on that same Super Bowl, Maria Menounos had to appear on set in a bikini for all the world to see. Given what transpired below, it is safe to say Maria Menounos would make an extremely hot Tim Tebow girlfriend. Agree?

Maria Menounos In A Bikini

Maria Menounos In A Bikini

Maria Menounos In Bikini Again!

Maria Menounos In Bikini Again!

Tim Tebow’s Girlfriend Looking Fine For Playboy!

Erin Drewes tells Playboy she isn’t Tim Tebow’s girlfriend and looks totally unbelievable in the process.

Wearing only body paint, Erin Drewes informs Playboy’s Girlwatcher that she is only good friends with Tim Tebow and never was his girlfriend. Simply put, “We are acquaintances through mutual friends and we would see each other here and there. We were standing together talking at a party at U of F and that’s when the now-infamous picture was taken.”

That’s ok, had that not happened we wouldn’t have these wonderful pictures of Erin Drewes.

Erin Drewes Tim Tebow's Girlfriend Playboy Body Paint

Erin Drewes Tim Tebow’s Girlfriend In Playboy Body Paint

Tim Tebow’s Girlfriend

Tim Tebow’s girlfriend… honestly, does it really matter? Are fans looking for something to talk about this guy besides football that bad? It was rumored that this girl “is” or “was” his girlfriend. Unfortunately for him, neither “is” or “was” the case. The girl in question is Erin Drewes. Erin is from Tampa, Florida and is currently a senior at the University of Florida. Erin and Tim and great friends but definitely at this time not boyfriend/girlfriend. Someday… who knows! She is an extremely smart girl that may have a future in the medical field. The fact she is stunningly gorgeous and smart is a testament to her mother and father. So let’s set the record straight for the last time. This is not Tim Tebow’s girlfriend.

Tim Tebow's Girlfriend

Tim Tebow’s Girlfriend

It has also been stated that this girl is not only Tim Tebow’s girlfriend, but it is also Erin Drewes as mentioned above. Unfortunately it isn’t Tim Tebow’s girlfriend nor is it Erin Drewes. It is a gorgeous woman named Lucy Pinder. It is definitely a gorgeous girl in a bikini however and we do appreciate you stopping by to see her!

Lucy Pinder

Lucy Pinder – Tim Tebow’s Suposedly Girlfriend