Tim Tebow’s Girlfriend

Tim Tebow’s girlfriend… honestly, does it really matter? Are fans looking for something to talk about this guy besides football that bad? It was rumored that this girl “is” or “was” his girlfriend. Unfortunately for him, neither “is” or “was” the case. The girl in question is Erin Drewes. Erin is from Tampa, Florida and is currently a senior at the University of Florida. Erin and Tim and great friends but definitely at this time not boyfriend/girlfriend. Someday… who knows! She is an extremely smart girl that may have a future in the medical field. The fact she is stunningly gorgeous and smart is a testament to her mother and father. So let’s set the record straight for the last time. This is not Tim Tebow’s girlfriend.

Tim Tebow's Girlfriend

Tim Tebow’s Girlfriend

It has also been stated that this girl is not only Tim Tebow’s girlfriend, but it is also Erin Drewes as mentioned above. Unfortunately it isn’t Tim Tebow’s girlfriend nor is it Erin Drewes. It is a gorgeous woman named Lucy Pinder. It is definitely a gorgeous girl in a bikini however and we do appreciate you stopping by to see her!

Lucy Pinder

Lucy Pinder – Tim Tebow’s Suposedly Girlfriend

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38 thoughts on “Tim Tebow’s Girlfriend

  1. I don’t know anything about Tim Tebow’s personal life, but the correct name of the girl in that second picture (the bikini picture) is Lucy Pinder, not Lisa.

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  3. i agree with mike!! its neither is tebows girlfriends!! tebow is the biggest queer ever!!

  4. i dont care both girls r hot n tim i think u r hot 2 ur brother peter gos 2 mi church grace church of avondale he knos me he kne me when i was married but now im gettin a divorce. write anytime….luv tonya sneed

  5. Tebow isn’t gay. He’s a Christian. Christian’s can’t be gay because they are indwelt by the Holy Spirit!

  6. all i know is if that is his girlfriend, Tim Tebow is the luckiest homeschooled guy in the world

  7. tim tebow does not have a girlfriend.
    because…he’s going to marry me :)
    or my good friend shelby :)

    & he is by all means NOT Gay!!!


  8. tim has a girlfriend in philippines.. she’s a pastor’s daughter and they are perfect couple..

  9. I think it’s ridiculouis how whenever the media is involved nothing ever comes out right and it mostly is fabricated stories. But eh, that is what sells right? It’s really too bad. On top of that why is it that Christians get the worst bashing when they are the people who try to hold some morals in this God forsaken country? It’s a shame a crying shame. Why don’t you just let him say what he has to say instead of telling stories, and if you want to know ask him. Maybe all of you are just jealous of what he’s been blessed with.

  10. I heard from Peter Tebow , Tim is dateing a girl named Sarah Silve! This is a very reliable source as that is Tims brother! Tim Tebow has a girlfriend her name is Sarah.

  11. If you think Tebow is gay then you are jealous of his success. Leave it alone and move on. You lost to the nations greatest QB EVER. Is it a sin for someone to become a great leader to women as well as men. I defend him although he probably could care less of all the gossip and rumors, he answers to God not a human fool.

  12. Look Leave Tim Tebow alone. I know his grandparents and yes he is great and good looking but it is not our business on who Tim is dating. He is a football star. Pay attention to his ability to play football and not his personal life. Even if he is a star or not he has the right to keep his personal life to his self. It is not the worlds business. He is not GAY and it does not matter if he is or not but i know for a fact that his personal life is nobody business.

  13. Tim, I don’t know if you read any of this, just in case you do, I appreciate you and all Christian athletes that stand up for what they believe in! You are a great example for all young people, kids and adults! Just, keep you eyes on Jesus and he will guide you! Thank you for all you do in Christ’s name.

  14. Someone tell the retards on teh Facebook page. They still think Lucy is Tebow’s girlfriend. Or let them keep thinking..complete tards I tell you.

  15. Good for Christian athletes. This country is in dire need of anybody that has morals and is a public figure. Lead the way Tim Tebow…you have the chance to change a lot of lives.

    Kurt Warner, Sam Bradford, Colt McCoy and you, Tim. Leading by the greatest example possible.

  16. ok tim tebow has a lot of people that likes him and he is a good football player but i agree with Jess because we dont have to know if he is dating or not so leave him alone and let him live his own life ok!!!!!!!!!

  17. Tebow was one of the greatest, if not the greats college QB of All-Time. Great person. I hope he has a long and successful NFL career.

  18. Tim can only be (as anyone else) the person he has had the example out to be..He has become a well developed man w/ a good heart and could only hope that one day that I, too, find a man 1/2 as desent as he is-because of the “false hopes” in my life, I have become a strong single mother of 4 & know that a man as such would more than likely never go for one like me…because I am not everything that others make him out to be/what he may be looking for.
    I continue to wish this wonderful man all the love and luck in the world, for as “decorative”/accomplished as he is, he IS a proven man. May he find the happiness that he deserves-where ever it may lead him…

  19. to all of you tim tebow haters: grow up and get a life! no one cares about anyone who only has negative comments about people, especially when that person does not diserve it! no one is gonna like you if all you have to say is stuff that will only bring people down.

    tim tebow, ur the best and ur my role model! i would love for you to come to scotland neck, north carolina sometime!

    <3 u tim tebow!!!!!!!!!!!!

  20. Remember Tim…………. Thou shalt not work on Sunday. Honor the Sabbath and keep it Holy. And…………… Thou Shalt not take the name of the Lord in Vain.

  21. Tim, I wish I had your motivation! you are an amazing role model. I love you and hope I can achieve my goals like you! And for all the haters out there, read his book!

  22. Tim and Lucy are such a natural couple. He is super hot and have wonderful muscular body, and she is super sexy and have ideal body – desirable from football player.
    If they don`t date, then they should. They are really made up for eachother.

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